I was never a traveler and had never been fascinated by the idea of it. I never planned it ever but all I see myself is, being a traveler to whom travel just happened and mind you, I have been to distant lands.
Slowly, I notice the change in me. I am a wanderer now. I follow the laid down markings on the face of earth with the same passion as I follow my instincts. I follow a map. I follow my heart. I am a traveler now who plans and is not lost.
Past few weeks I have started making plans for the weekends where the travel begins.
As they say ” Come and get lost in Lesotho”, we tried that in Tsehlanyane National Park. The Park is in the front range of Maloti Mountains. It took us roughly 2.5hrs to reach the Park from Maseru.
Lesotho has raised my standards of appreciation for the nature. So when I saw people and poly bags on the road I was disappointed. This sight was unlike my impression of Lesotho. So, I grudgingly looked within and well my car was equally disappointing. My crib ranged from blaming my wrong plan to the merciless sun.
The mountains were no where to be seen so I was sulking. But how far can they be in Lesotho, the mountain kingdom. Suddenly I started giggling like a teenager.
Cupid’s Arrow had struck me and I realized my love for the mountains. It was an exhilarating feeling, a eureka moment and I heard myself saying “All that makes a place beautiful are the mountains “. To this my husband gave me an unconcerned reply not realizing I was in love and I understood no logic.
This side of Lesotho saw a population that lived in tin roofed houses and to my surprise there were many. I saw about 100 of them and felt a need to capture it.
I wonder when India hits back how will it be with everything in excess.

Suddenly, my 6 year old screamed “mum look, there is a space ship”and another love of mine was gazing. Now, I was cheating. My shutter box goes click, click, click. Oh my god, I love these Lesotho clouds. While I kept on admiring the surroundings outside, even inside the car it felt better. And then came a moment when there was a tug of war between the two loves of my life to prove who was mightier.
At this very instance Tsehlanyane National Park stood still to welcome us.
After dumping our luggage in the guest room, we decided to follow a trail that led to a waterfall which was visible on the face of a mountain staring back at us. After the travel, I was not up for the trail at all. But the first touch of water while crossing the river Holomi washed away all my inhibitions. I drank from Holomi to the glory of the nature. My son was staring and I told him that there is no age bar, come here and enjoy your drink. That’s how he was baptized to nature.img_9841

We walked for approximately 4kms, we did not touch the waterfall. The walk was too strenuous for Abeer and it was getting dark for all of us.
The next day was planned with the horses. My husband is a good equestrian. He was in a cow boy hat and cantering the horse. I fell in love all over again. It was the third time in past 12 hours. By the time I was gasping for a breath I saw Abeer patting his new pet on the long muscled neck and making sounds to control the movement. Ok, at this time I did not fall for him but yes I was flooded with the sense of pride. So, when it was my turn to take the charge. I was perplexed and at least chanting “OM” as I was, did help me to get on her. But she understood my body language and nature worked with her. A little naughty foul kicked her and she was caught in surprise and of course that changed the course of my journey for the day. I walked. No, I did not follow the horses for I had seen twice what the hind legs of a horse are capable of. I led the trail and enjoyed every step I took.


This trail took us to Black Pool. I wondered “if this was in my country, surely and steadily this place would have been listed in a pilgrimage, a must visit to get rid of all that you did wrong in life”. But God does not need authentication by an individual. We saw it. We took a holy dip. The water was freezing so one dip was enough to wash our sins. And eventually we soaked in the lap of Mother Nature and truly admired every moment spent in the Park.

We take many roads for the journey, surely few must be Dirt.



3 thoughts on “A Traveller is Born

  1. Archana, looks like I am falling too… This time with your writing šŸ˜. I love it.. It is magical, it is simple and it is very honest. I can almost see the journey you took through my eyes, and it feels magical. You have a follower now

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