img_0574Here I am facing me. I see 36. Oh no it’s not about my assets. I smile with my eyes closed and whisper ” touchwood”.
All these years I Never planned anything , Never wanted anything, Never asked for anything, received loads of blessings and lived in abundance of love.
I am not an angel living in paradise but I believe to be the chosen one. I see the colours. White, red and black.  We all have the angel and the devil within us. That’s how I perceive life.
I should have done this or I should not have done that. Among all the haves and have nots, I am still able to feel happy.
My mirror is hazy not because I never bothered to clear it but because I had so much love and learning that every spot reminds me of the times gone by. And thus pushes me more to make another collage of life after 36. 


11 thoughts on “PAUSED… move on

  1. It’s an amazing thing you have started . What I like about your writing , is primarily the intrinsic and latent drive to express the way you feel it! I mean the flow of the emotions coupled with the passion ,seems to have found a rhythm within yourself, notwithstanding the composition of the sentences, which in actuality does not stand to literary scrutiny. Which in my opinion has got more to do with the perfection of grammar than to let loose the embankment of internal creativity.

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  2. I loved the ending…. “My mirror is hazy not because ………………………. ”
    Brilliant take at 36…..
    Life is never perfect and those who seek for perfection do not ĺive a LIFE 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  3. Vitty dear , you seem to have developed an uncanny mastery of expressing yourself in a unique literary genre. You are springing surprises on me. Please keep it up. You have not inherited these germs or genes but you seem to have been infected sometime , somewhere after your marriage. I request you to go on writing. Don’t stop. Blessings.

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    1. Wow uncle that was a surprise …..hearing my name, made it all sound so familiar…..thank you for taking out time to read and appreciating it as well. Your words are enough to keep me going even if I may be at snail pace. Regards


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