img_0823Oh I had written it well and don’t know what happened. Like all important files this one also seems deleted. Here I am trying to write the stuff with the same emotion but alas can’t get it any close.

Oh ya it was about Prayer. Prayer. ..!!! Hold the thought, are we getting religious, ritualistic?…..No no I beg to differ but don’t have much to believe otherwise.

These days I am in denial of being religious. In India you rarely get a chance to even think on such lines. There it is part of life and you breath it.

I came across something very usual but it struck me unusually. It’s ringing I hear familiar voices all around. “Let all that’s wrong in your life come to me” and I saw the face. I do hear and see many more such moving lips…….

I have mostly argued that one does not need to ask for things. If it meant to be, it will be. I am a believer and I believe life goes on, with or without a thing or two.

I am living a near perfect life. God forbid, God forbid, God forbid. Imagine this, the bubble bursts. The first thought surely would be “unforgivable self” for not protecting it. But could  I have really done anything?  I am mere human with no close aid with God.

In last two or three lines my life has totally changed. The only thing that comes to my mind at this point is that life may be fine but it will not remain the same.

Thats when I go back to my present blessed life and instantly feel my lips moving and my heart thumping. I want to live in my bubble and feel safe.  How do I say this? I have so much to say and no perfect words can express the fear of loss and uncertainty.

” Let me not die while I am still alive” I read it somewhere and now I have a prayer. I am a shy reluctant beginner but I am a believer. So I know it will work.

The power of Prayer …..I have discovered something that’s not new ….but yes it is new to me.

Thats the power that’s working to make my life better every single day. I promise myself that I will acknowledge all those silently sitting and praying for me. I will reciprocate.

Now on, I will make a deliberate attempt to Pray.



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