Artifical……for my seven year old “Artificial Waterfall” is nothing amazing. But for a grown up me, the same “Artificial Waterfall” is a site for pleasure. Something is at least better than nothing.

Artificial does not need to be cold as most of us perceive it. Look, she has such an arctifical smile. She might have it but the shutter bugs love the same and it makes her pictures look great. I rest my case here.

You know what, the stuff that scares me the most is when I see videos of “Artificial Cabbage” ..that’s what is dangerous.

Natural is too expensive so I deliberately chose the artificial in colours, in expressions and sometimes in life. Artificial doesn’t necessarily mean fake. Let’s take artificial like a pinch of salt in the food.

P.S: This is Archana’s Personal help…..,

The  A.I (Artificial Intelligence) guy.

via Daily Prompt: Artificial


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