Gone are the days when a child had to wait for years to be a man.

This generation is born as individuals not babies. They reason everything including why they have to accompany us while we parents have dinner invites. Why are You shouting…..why can’t you ever tell me take your own time….let Papa make breakfast today….why don’t you go to work mum……they Ask the right questions and look for answers as well.

Collected few pics just to remind myself about the Individual I am dealing with….or learning to be one from….. Also thank you for pampering me….My Man….

When I insist that these shoes fit me well…..
When I keep improving this to match yours….
When I know how the Game is played….
When I try to be taller than you …
When I know she is absolutely amazing .and disagree to share her with you Papa…… 😈



3 thoughts on “When I try to be…..Papa

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