Oh I still fear the days and years of being single and alone. After WHO declared that being single is a kind of disorder….you actually seem to be my knight in the shining armor. Since we are settled and settled for good it’s time….time to celebrate. We are in transit right now. A stopover at Abu Dhabi on 5 Nov, is a perfect setting. There are always signs and this is spot on.

Everything before reaching to its final destination has a lot to go through. That’s why a surrounding like this has become a melting pot of “us” and compelled me to write.

I will try to keep the thank yous and the mushy stuff away from this post. 

How well do I remember my fascination for my wedding. But now I know exactly how i burnt holes In my dads pocket. Come on!! It was my wedding and in India parents earn and save for just this day.

Coming back to you and me …. 

I am content and absolutely happy how life has unfolded itself. We have evolved every single moment of this journey. Reluctance is the beginning of change. We had and will continue to have our share of resistances.

When I look at you, I see me. I know it’s neither the eyes nor the heart where you and I belong.

It’s the feeling of being home when we are together. So I run to you, no matter where or how you are.

This is why we are here and going strong. Touchwood.

While I know how great you are on highways and me on slow interior roads, thats how we make it through all odds.

While I crazily sing along for hours, you just keep moving us to our destination. 

While I want to shop alone all the good clothes on earth, it is with you that I got my best wardrobe.

While I want to eat, sleep and do nothing, it is you who makes me eat, sleep and run.

While I love to go with the flow, it is you who pulls me up right before the steep fall.

With loads of learning and happiness I cherish this journey called life with you.

Alright time to stop and board the next flight and move on.

 I am Home already !!!!!!


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