It all starts with us being a speck in the womb and expanding our space until we just breakthrough. We go on ever expanding and ever moving only to reach the end, of which we have no idea like our beginning. 
Space is finite and if anything is expanding, something else is shrinking.

“My Space” seems to be a misnomer. Is being professionally successful or doing what You like define “My Space”or my identity?

We humans are born bankers. We invest everywhere. When returns “happiness” are visible, we keep pumping in the precious we have. But if there is little slump in the market, we are too impatient and retrieve ourselves in no time. Suddenly, the need for “My Space” is inevitable.

Too much attention is given to it these days, which is good. Conclusions are drawn, the whole TV industry is minting money on showcasing women protagonists and in most of the debates the speakers are Always women.

Believe me whoever comes on earth aquires space and tries to expand. So it’s not about men or women. It’s about human race.

We all have a habit of imposing ourselves on others. Mothers on daughters/sons, brothers on sisters, daughter in law on in laws, bosses on subordinates, subordinates on each other, friends on friends it’s a mesh of relations.

The most difficult one is meeting anything new. The moment a new born child latches to his/her mother, that’s the initiation of control and rest everything else falls in sequence.

A child’s mind is a clean slate and we scribble it and all the actions are motivated to melt the new life into ours. Most of the times we are successful but a few of us may not agree to this.

Whenever we meet someone who has spent a few years on earth, their pages are already embossed.

But as our never changing habit is, we try to still mould them. Moulding of metals requires excess of heat. The process involves sparks of anger, dissatisfaction, discontent and there is lot of heat. All of this leads to a total unhappy space around us which wAs once full of joy when all we had was a home and the people we knew were the family.

Each individual here is a galaxy in itself. We have tendency to collide and instead of complete amalgamation, we are random and dominant. It’s all contradicting either we can be together or random. This again leads to conflict and again we yearn for “My Space”.

My own space is just mine, I was born with it. My own space is my opinion, my want ,everything that makes me.

Being a daughter, mother , wife, daughter in law, husband, son does not take away any part of my space. I have compartmentlised my space into all these roles. And everyday I am happy to see one new space created in my space. So inclusion seems to be the trick. Like they say it’s never black or white. So all of this is my space, full of colors. I enjoy living here most of the time and few times I do not.

I intentionally try not to overlap my space on others, this creates dark patches and traps lot of negative energy. Also I understand not everybody can reciprocate.

Nature has bestowed me the womb so it becomes easy for me to understand and nurture space. If I want something I will create it within me. I will not impose or overlap on someone else. 

I cannot be happy by just being a financially independent women or a carrier woman or a wife or a daughter. I am happy because I am able to be all of them together. I am in control and responsible for everything that is happening because I made choices at everystep of my life.

I am my universe, I am my space. (Touchwood)


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