It is always a typical smell that reminds you a place or a person. And iodine is capable of leaving deep impressions and every brush with it deepens the fear.
I have survived heart breaks but the prick to find out my blood type is cruelty. It hurts. You think you are prepared but usually you are caught off guard. That’s the simplest, easiest and harmless introduction to Abode of Gods on earth… is the Hospital that’s where it starts.
You enter the abode wishing for all miracles. The only place you try not to question the existence of God. The faith suddenly swells up. Probably the only place where we learn to trust. First the Doctors and then the God.
Despite all of this nobody wants to go there ever.
We want to save ourselves from all life threatening diseases without going through the prick of immunization.
Every thing evolves and so have the hospitals.
The smell of iodine no more welcomes you. The trap door  flungs and it is more of Hotel California than a hospital. That’s how these new modern Mediclinics ….hospitals …….have transformed.
Make up is just for a coverup it will never heal. The eyes are still hoping in despair, patients are still suffering, doctors are still wondering, the room is filled with warm breaths and prayer are yet to be answered.

If you have been through these glasses doors you shall agree to this.


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