On my birthday I got puppy 🐶. One of my uncle got it for me. He had a red ribbon 🎀 on his neck and was sitting in a basket. Everybody was playing with him. Then I decided his name. I decided it would be …………..Bolt ⚡️ !!!!!! And my mum used to call him BOLTU 😱.
His favorite food was curd. When mum used to bang his spoon on his bowl he would come running. And he used to lick the bowl till it was shining clean. I used to carry him in my lap. And once he even peed on my lap 🤣🤣. One day I went with him to the park and he was following me all along until he was too tired, he just barked to stop me. I stoped and carried him and put him in his box 📦. He used to sleep 😴 on my fathers shoulder and then I used to sleep on the other shoulder. My mum has the picture of it.
One day Bolt ⚡️ was sick. we went to the Vet. The vet gave him some injections. But still he was not well. And one day he died. 😵😭.
When he died we dug in some plain ground and put him in with all his belongings.
When I see any dog now I miss my pet Bolt ⚡️.
One day I hope I get another pet dog.


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