IMG_03631. It just moves an inch and the tremors are felt all around. Bingo……that’s a Godzilla. You heard me right, Godzilla. Well size does matter and I do not appreciate throwing weight on other. Let me carry it on my strong shoulders and move gracefully. Ya word of caution to myself……..Need to keep in check the actual weight. 🏃‍♀️
2. I refuse to wait for a salutations. I prefer it like a scene from Wild Wild West movies. We simply shoot….not bullets of course. I may not have the gift of gab but I know how to say Hello or Namaskar.🙏
3. I refuse to have “that look.” It’s nice to have “dimpled chin” but I don’t agree with “teeth within”. One life, live it or leave it. I might be thin lipped but I love to laugh and show off my perfectly placed dentures.💃🤡
4. I refuse to do it all by myself. I am not perfect and I don’t know many things. And yes I do know a few quite well. But I can not accomplish anything alone. I need the support. Wondering why Atlas never asked for help and preferred to shrug than stand upright. IMG_0364
5. I refuse to fulfill anybody’s expectations. I will be me and I promise to do my best.🐵🙊🙈

Happy Mooing ……🐄


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