There were many shocking after affects of these interactions as well….. enjoy this one

  •  while coming back from work in a local bus in Delhi, all one can experience is your body rubbing against the world. That day must have been lucky when I got a corner of a bench to rest on. So this merciful lady was generally sharing how bad the travel is. Half way through our journey it turned out that we live in same area. Her family had a shop in the market place and her brother was running it. I was happy to sit and she seemed happy to share.
    Now is the curtain raiser, bang…I get a marriage proposal and she was confident that her brother will like me. For next few months any good looking shop owner in the locality made my heart race. I still wonder what made her so sure of me and her brother as well….. sisters 😂😂
  • It might sound strange to many that I had an opportunity to meet and decide within 20 mins about my life partner. In the process I met many so called eligible bachelors. It was always a random meeting, random conversations and deliberate effort to make a decision. Funny !!! But that’s how it works in our part of the world. We try to make impressions, of course nice ones. But we all conclude everything in a jiffy. I do not want to sound stupid but at that moment that’s how it was. Trust me It is absolutely normal.
    I remember one such “Barista meeting”. That’s where I met all of them except for the one I finally hooked up with. This guy was nice. He made a good impression but it was a hopeless day for me. We concluded this will not go any further. But the best part is yet to be shared. He took out a paper and showed a list. List of all the eligible girls he was meeting that day. We had fun. Though I don’t remember his name but I still want to know what happened next…….
  • Best conversations are usually in open air. I too had them while traveling in a second class train all throughout my college years. The wind blows and pushes you from all sides. The familiar gazes you receive in a long journey, that’s where it all starts. When you are a college student all aunties in the world take upon themselves to feed you. Also when there is natures call, just a look and a hint to take care of the belongings is enough to cement the bond. In most of these conversations, all I did was to clear the confusion about my native place i.e Jammu and Kashmir are two different places approximately 300 kms apart. It snows in Kashmir but not in Jammu and so on.
  • Beauty saloon is one place where I lose the motivation to initiate any interaction. There the professionals are very well equipped with sharp scissors, expert hands, sharp eyes and sugar coated tongue. Probably my rescue visits once in a while put both the parties in a hostile situation. So as she starts saying ‘oh your skin is so sensitive’ I just nod my head. As I am told my eyebrow are naturally well shaped, I tend to agree. I am so much in the moment of exchanging how in my family even the boys have arched eyes brows but somehow can’t bring myself to it and I suddenly shut up. Eventually most of my visits end up in disappointment.


to be continued……..


Deliberate conversations with random souls — Archana Dhar

Why would anyone talk to random people? Sounds strange !!!! Since childhood we are warned of strangers. And most of us grow believing strangers are dangerous. One doubtful gaze from a child and you want to prove that you are the most sensitive soul around. Hypocrites…..thats what we are. An expression of gratitude to my […]

via Deliberate conversations with random souls — Archana Dhar

Why would anyone talk to random people? Sounds strange !!!! Since childhood we are warned of strangers. And most of us grow believing strangers are dangerous. One doubtful gaze from a child and you want to prove that you are the most sensitive soul around. Hypocrites…..thats what we are.
An expression of gratitude to my parents is must at this point. I grew up watching my mum greeting everyone she met right from a milkman to the vegetable seller.
In your teens you are ashamed of everything, so I hated going to the market with my mum. A trip of 30 minutes would eventually finish not before an hour.
But now when I go alone to the same market area once a year, I am received with warmth and get heavy discounts because I am “Aunty’s” daughter. We learn with time, so have I.

Give yourself a moment and you will agree, we all are equal partners in this crime. We all do it, to some it comes naturally and to many it is an effort. But we still do it.

This blog is aimed to document these interactions. So in a way this one will never end.

These interactions happened in the rest rooms of Abu Dhabi international airport.

a) Just a day prior I was introduced to hair colouring, so the first thing that I noticed was her hair colour. The pattern or streaks or highlights were impressive. On top of it she was fair, thin and pretty. Next moment I noticed her going to a corner and speaking over a phone. So I stopped there and started washing my face. While I was splashing water, I heard someone saying “near the ear”. I smiled and asked “are you from India?”. That’s how we started chatting. She had been there for more than a year and now her husband was also planning to join her. She said it was not easy to be alone but she had no other choice. At this note she handed over my sweatshirt, I said bye. Was she expecting a tip, had she some more to share? I won’t know.. Being beautiful can be such a curse if you are alone……

b) The best thing about being alone in a plush setting is that you can try to explore but the worst is if there is another person around and he just looks so “I know it all”. My seven year old did  Aabra ka Daabra and made the water come out of the tap. Simultaneously I could sense a feeling of discomfort. So I quickly swung into action and showed the lady how to make it happen. Gave her paper towels to wipe her hands. She smiled and I did too. I deliberately spoke Hindi. She was traveling alone to Dallas. God that was first time I had heard of such a place. But I could fake it. She had missed her connecting flight like us. Next few hours she got locked out of her room more than three times. She had not eaten much. We roamed around in the airport before we had dinner. She was going to her daughters place and was due to return in a months time. Over and over again she put her arm around and thanked me. It felt nice to be of any help.

c) This conversation was again initiated by the sensor based tap and a smile can do miracles. She had three daughters. Her English was broken. But we tried to understand and continued. While visiting one of them she had been detected with breast cancer. So she was flying back to her home in Iran. She had a beautiful and warm smile. She was moving slowly and we rushed to catch our next flight.

To be continued………

 A letter to my partner 

Oh I still fear the days and years of being single and alone. After WHO declared that being single is a kind of disorder….you actually seem to be my knight in the shining armor. Since we are settled and settled for good it’s time….time to celebrate. We are in transit right now. A stopover at Abu Dhabi on 5 Nov, is a perfect setting. There are always signs and this is spot on.

Everything before reaching to its final destination has a lot to go through. That’s why a surrounding like this has become a melting pot of “us” and compelled me to write.

I will try to keep the thank yous and the mushy stuff away from this post. 

How well do I remember my fascination for my wedding. But now I know exactly how i burnt holes In my dads pocket. Come on!! It was my wedding and in India parents earn and save for just this day.

Coming back to you and me …. 

I am content and absolutely happy how life has unfolded itself. We have evolved every single moment of this journey. Reluctance is the beginning of change. We had and will continue to have our share of resistances.

When I look at you, I see me. I know it’s neither the eyes nor the heart where you and I belong.

It’s the feeling of being home when we are together. So I run to you, no matter where or how you are.

This is why we are here and going strong. Touchwood.

While I know how great you are on highways and me on slow interior roads, thats how we make it through all odds.

While I crazily sing along for hours, you just keep moving us to our destination. 

While I want to shop alone all the good clothes on earth, it is with you that I got my best wardrobe.

While I want to eat, sleep and do nothing, it is you who makes me eat, sleep and run.

While I love to go with the flow, it is you who pulls me up right before the steep fall.

With loads of learning and happiness I cherish this journey called life with you.

Alright time to stop and board the next flight and move on.

 I am Home already !!!!!!

If Only……

The beeps kept ringing for months. The pause between every breath made it certain. Why ……why did I ask for it. I am low on patience. Didn’t know my impatience would result in a regret. I regret it almost everyday. I saw the tree being axed and still standing upright on the last inch of the trunk. And it was I who just wanted it to fall flat almost begging for mercy. I saw many numbers changing on screen 150….80….the line going flatter as if dying to take a breath.

While someone brought her in a wheel chair, I was waiting just outside the emergency of the local government hospital. I saw her, smiled causally and appreciated her new hair do. I am stupid. I did not cry. I felt stronger and moved her into the emergency. My aunt quickly  tried to put bindi on her forehead. But tears had blinded her. Everone was struggling except me.

She looked beautiful in her new hair cut. It was blunt. And the red bindi made her look stunning. Like always she did not mince words. She didn’t want to go home and wanted to be in a nice and clean hospital. We anyways had no choice.

When we say it’s just a number, it never is. We were also given numbers by the doctor and she also gave a number. She said five days. And so it was. On the very fifth morning a drop of blood from the nose was the beginning of all the worst that could possibly happen. The beginning of many unexpected ends.

The pauses started growing longer. The breath seemed just going in and she was trying not to let any bit of life go away. Mothers do not leave their sons. I whispered and assured her of something that I never did later on.

It worked then, and she left. But never to leave my thoughts ever since.

When I try to be…..Papa

Gone are the days when a child had to wait for years to be a man.

This generation is born as individuals not babies. They reason everything including why they have to accompany us while we parents have dinner invites. Why are You shouting…..why can’t you ever tell me take your own time….let Papa make breakfast today….why don’t you go to work mum……they Ask the right questions and look for answers as well.

Collected few pics just to remind myself about the Individual I am dealing with….or learning to be one from….. Also thank you for pampering me….My Man….

When I insist that these shoes fit me well…..
When I keep improving this to match yours….
When I know how the Game is played….
When I try to be taller than you …
When I know she is absolutely amazing .and disagree to share her with you Papa…… 😈